Asthma attacks can be incredibly scary, but they can also be preventable. If your childing is living with asthma, follow these tips for how to prevent asthma attacks at home and school.

Preventing Asthma Attacks at Home

Keep Things Clean

One of the best ways to prevent asthma attacks at home is to be vigilant in your cleaning. This means frequently washing sheets and bedding in water above 130 degrees and vacuuming carpets and rugs twice a week.

Invest in Allergen-Reducing Technology

While allergens are a part of life, they can be reduced with the proper technology. You can, for example, purchase allergen-proof covers for mattresses and pillows, HEPA air filters for your vacuum cleaner, and air purifiers for your child’s bedroom.

Keep Your Home Dry

As far as asthma symptom relief is concerned, keeping the air in your home dry can make all the difference. Dehumidifiers can be used to prevent mold growth, which can contribute to attacks in children with asthma.

Ban Pets from the Bedroom

While it is possible for children with asthma to live happily with pets in the home, one way to reduce the symptoms of asthma is to ban pets from your child’s bedroom. Trust us—we know it hurts!

Preventing Asthma Attacks at School

Keep Everyone Updated

Anyone who supervises your child should be made aware of their asthma action plan. This can include everyone from their homeroom teacher and PE instructor to their bus driver and recess monitor.

Check In Regularly

While you may keep track of their symptoms at home, it’s important to check in with the people who interact with your child daily to keep track of their progress. It’s especially important to frequently check in with your child’s PE instructor and sports coaches about how they are doing during physical exertion.

Involve Your Pediatrician

Your child’s school will likely require a note from your pediatrician, informing them of the fact that your child will need to carry an inhaler with them. Ask your pediatrician to include helpful literature about asthma prevention, asthma symptom relief, and living with asthma so they can help keep your child safe and healthy.


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